RETELA AR EUROPE has been registered as the Authorised representative for ensuring services for EEE and portable batteries  in the Czech Republic


1. In case the company sells via internet directly to the end users – they HAVE TO register via Authorized representative [AR] (Also applicable for non-EU countries).

2. In case company sells via internet to the distributors, they are not obliged but CAN register via AR (however only in case it is a EU member state -e.g. not from Norway, Switzerland…).


There is NO obligation for the company from abroad that sells to the distributors in the Czech Republic, but they CAN register via AR (however only in case it is a EU member state -e.g. not from Norway, Switzerland…).

Since 1 October 2014 there is no need for a foreign entity to have a branch opened in the Czech Republic. Foreign producer from the European Union can register via RETELA AR EUROPE  (RETELA AR EUROPE as an Authorised Representative via AR Contract) simply by signing Power of Attorney for authorised representative, see the details below (Legislation).

The foreign producer must be registered with the authorised representative, if he sells his products via Internet (on-line shops) according to §61.

RETELA AR EUROPE s.r.o. provides similar service for the Czech companies, which cooperates with foreign agencies as regards as reporting of EEE. In this case we conclude so called AC contract (for more information contact us on [email protected])

We cooperate with following EU agencies: Bitkom, CCR, DR-Deutsche Recycling, EARN, ERP,  Go4Recycling, H2 Compliance, Landbell Group, Lorax Compliance, Pincvision, RENE, Take-e-way, Thinkstep, Valpak, WEEE EUROPE, WEEE Nederland, Welecon, 1cc.


Unofficial translation:

§ 61

Authorised representative

  • The Producer of EEE stated in § 3 par. 1 m) point 4 is obliged to identify the authorised representative according to § 11 in order to fulfil the obligations stated in this law.
  • The person placed in other EU member state and not placed in the Czech Republic, which puts on market in the Czech Republic electric and electronic equipment via various suppliers, can appoint its authorised representative. The person is obliged to inform its customers about the appointment, change and cancellation of the authorised representative.
  • The person established in the Czech republic, which sells EEE by means of distant communication directly to the end users in other EU member state, is obligated in the line with the legal provisions of this member state to determine its authorised representative on the basis of written mandate in order to fulfil obligations regarding this EEE as regards the legal provisions of this member state.