About RETELA Group

About RETELA Group

RETELA Group includes following companies:

*According to the new legislation, one subject is not allowed to work as a Collective scheme and as an Authorised Representative in the same time. Retela group fulfills this obligation.

The main aim of Retela compliance scheme is to protect environment and human health by ensuring of an efficient and effective system of collection and recycling of the electric and electronic waste (WEEE).

By joining RETELA, the producer´s obligations regarding separate collection, take-back, treatment, recovery and disposal of electric and electronic equipment are ensured.

Our values:

  • Meeting ecological standards during the entire process of take-back of electric and electronic equipment, portable, industrial and automotive batteries and photovoltaic panels.
  • Involvement of disadvantaged people in social workshops.
  • Support of beneficial projects- for example  REMOBIL

Official company documentation (in Czech):

Reasons for choosing Retela:

Retela provides complex services for producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment, portable batteries and importers of solar panels:

  • Registration to the List of Producers operated by the Czech Ministry of Environment
  • Issuance of a Certificate on fulfilment of producer´s/importer´s obligations
  • Submitting of the annual report for previous calendar year
  • Recording, monitoring and tracing the flow of collected electric and electronic equipment from the collection places to the final treatment as well as ecovery of waste electric and electronic equipment
  • Financing of handling with waste EEE (including photovoltaic panels), weight price list
  • Ensuring the collection points and pick-up of WEEE (via cooperation with CS Asekol)
  • Invoicing of recycling fees without advance payment
  • Easy reporting with quarter frequency via our client portal RETIP
  • Support of the clients regarding the legislation issues, providing the information about obligations according to law