12. 8. 2022

RETELA, s.r.o. changes the seat from 1. 7. 2022

New address there is Neklanova 152/44, 128 00 Praha 2 – Vyšehrad

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Annual Report 2021

As usually Retela sent the Annual Report on behalf of all clients by 30.3.2022 (according to Law). The Annual Report is available in the company office. The obligatory collection rate according to law 65% POM was achieved (specifically 64,9%).

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Decree 16/2022 Col. to Law 542/2020 Col

The new Decree 16/2022 Col. to Law 542/2020 Col. was issued in January 2022. This decree brings some new obligations, mainly as regards as educational activity and regular obligatory audits (all ensured by Retela). Retela also submits the Annual report on behalf of its clients, where newly the individual data about amount of EEE put on market will have to be stated for each client.

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27. 3. 2022

Visible fee – Examples of MoE

MP MoE from 26.10.2021

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24. 3. 2021

New Price list (BAT)

New Price list for fatteries (for clients by demand) is valid from 1. 1. 2021

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